Autumn News from Harvest Workers’ Co-op

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AUTUMN NEWS from Harvest Workers’ Co-op


LEARN and DINE– An inspiring talk by Ellen McCallum, the Naturopathic Nutritionist. Learn about the immune system through our diet and enjoy a seasonally linked meal. £15 7-9pm. @All Saints Church Hall, Okehampton

SOURDOUGH WORKSHOP with the Holistic Cookery Acadamy. Create delicious digestible bread and eat it together. Take a starter culture home. £45. 1-5pm
@The Eco Hub,Okehampton

FAMILY WORKSHOP Apple pressing, fireside cooking, stories, creative activities, outside play and gardening.
Free through Learn Devon.
2-4pm @ The Eco Hub, Okehampton.

ReCODE practitioner, Ellen McCallum, will be talking a lifestyle approach to optimum brain health through what we eat. £7.50. 7-9pm
@Ockment Centre, Okehampton

FAMILY WORKSHOP Pumpkin carving, fireside cooking. stories, creative activities, outside play and gardening.
Free through Learn Devon.
2-4pm @ The Eco Hub, Okehampton.


Wildlife Walks,
Herb Talks,
Apple Pressing for Schools
Growing Skills workshops for adults
Book Now!


What comes to mind as we enter the autumn season? conkers, a new school term, fungal forays, leaves turning to rich colours, birds migrating South, pumpkins, squash, apples and harvest celebrations (Harvest Moon is on the 14th September)

It is the time of year when growers carts are overflowing with seasonal abundance (and so are our shop shelves!) and we celebrate the annual bounty of all the hard work that has gone into the farm this year.
Winter squash and leeks are some of the early Autumn crops and are now ready for harvest. They are a great two to pair up in a warming and creamy soup (a tasty twist on the classic leek and potato soup; quick and easy recipe below). Squashes are an excellent low calorie food packed with nutrition. They are a good source of complex vegetable carbohydrates and dietry fibre, an excellent source of Vit A, C, B1, B3, B5 B6, folate, iron, beta carotene and omega-3 fatty acids and leeks are anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Beat the winter bugs and ‘eat the rainbow’!! Some of the most nutritious vegetables become available this time of the year and now is the time to think about boosting and building our immune system to fend off the winter bugs

RECIPE .. Squash & Leek Soup

Ingredients (serves 4)
* Large knob of butter/ ghee/ oil
* 1 Squash (butternut, cronw prince, uchiki-kuri or similar) chopped in small cubes (don’t peel it, the skin will get soft and it’s loaded with nutrients!)
* 3 large leeks, chopped
* 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped
* 3 diced size chunks of ginger peeled and finely chopped (optional, will give it a nice kick : )
* sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
* 1 litre of chicken or vegetable stock
* ½ – 1 tsp of chilli powder (optional)
* cream/coconut milk/ dairy-free alternative (optional)

1. Heat the butter/ghee/oil in a large saucepan on a medium heat and add the squash, leeks, garlic, ginger, salt and pepper and stir. Cook for around 10 minutes stirring occasionally until the vegetables soften nicely.
2. Add the stock and chilli powder and stir before simmering for 20 minutes or until the squash is cooked through.
3. Using a stick blender or food processor blitz up the mixture until it reaches the desired consistency. Add a little more water or chicken stock if you prefer a thinner soup and season further if needed.
4. Optional: you can roast some of the seeds from inside the squash for ten minutes and add as garnish on top of soup. A Swirl of anything creamy would go well too (cream, coconut milk or any dairy free alternative)


We are really pleased to announce that Learn Devon ( have renewed our funding for our monthly Family Workshops! The workshops are great fun and open to all families. We always have stories, cooking over the fire, lots of seasonal creativity, outdoor play and gardening. The poster for our next one is at the top of the page! We hope to be extending the reach of our Family Workshops to other locations in Okehampton and beyond! Watch this space.


Learn Devon is also going to be funding a series of Growing and Seasonal Food Workshops for adults. We are still planning these but they will be based in the Okehampton area. If you are interested in finding out more then do drop us an email or pop into the Harvest Farm Shop.


Something else to look out for is the Harvest Photography Competition. We are setting a challenge of capturing the seasons – out on the farm, along the hedgerow, in the garden plot or the cooking pot! The results will be displayed in an Okehampton and maybe even our very won calendar! Look out for more details!

IN THE SHOP .. Apples!

Apples are back in season! We only buy UK grown apples. The first varieties in are
Discovery, Devonshire Quarrenden, Bramley and Worcester. But which is which? Pop into the shop and find out but be quick the Adam Pearmaines will be here soon.

IN THE SHOP .. Quinoa!

Must be an import you say? No UK grown and bought through Hodmedods ( who support UK growers of beans and grains! Must be expensive? Well no at £6.75 /kg it is cheaper than supermarket organic quinoa (and most non organic!) Must come in plastic bags? Well that’s another no! We buy it in brown paper sacks and sell it loose so you can choose your container.
Now at the moment we buy it in 5kg bags but if we sell enough we can buy 25kg sacks and reduce the price.
Oh and the taste? Wonderfully rich and nutty!

THANK YOU for supporting Harvest Workers’ Co-op

Visit us in Harvest Farm Shop Monday – Saturday, keep an eye out for all our latest happenings on our website, in store, or on social media


Into the New Year

Harvest … in mid winter!

A huge thank you to everyone of you who has supported us on the start of our journey as the Harvest Workers’ Co-op. We have loved meeting you and talking to you both in the shop and at our events. We are all looking forward to seeing what the New Year brings.
Warm Mid Winter Wishes,
Martyn, Sara, Henry, Liv. Sophie, Jo and Kevin

In the shop and …

In the New Year look out for weigh your own dry goods, organic beers, wines and ciders and different ways to do your shopping!

… out in the community

A Film for the New Year – Demain / Tomorrow

All over the globe solutions already exist. This is a hugely uplifting film finding positive stories about how we can live

Friday January 19th 6:30 – 10:00pm
Book tickets on here or pop into the Harvest Farm Shop
Film and Food £10 (£7 reduced price) Film only £5 (£3 reduced price)

Farm Visits and Family Workshops

Look out for more monthly family workshops and our seasonal pop up storytelling at a farm shop near you!!

The Farm Shop Gallery

Our next exhibition will be appearing soon featuring Martin’s beautiful wildlife images from around Hilltown Fields.
Shop gallery

We want our events to be accessible as possible. Reduced price tickets are available if you can’t afford the full price.
Our thanks to Okehampton United Charities for making this possible.

Education and Community Update!

In Education and Community

In our first 3 months of the grant we have engaged directly with over 250 people through

  • 3 farm visits
  • 1 film screening
  • 4 food workshops
  • 1 artists talk
  • 1 creative workshop

Displays and Exhibition Space

We have bought and fitted simple display material. Our first exhibition by photographer Walter Lewis celebrated landworkers around the country.

The notice board hand crafted by local carpenter Edward Griffiths has enhanced the outside wall space and is attracting wide attention. We are now working on a changing sequence of local farming seasonal images to display.

Farm Visits

We have had three visits so far featuring no dig vegetable growing at Hilltown Organics, dairy farming at Taw River and light touch agro forestry at Silent Haven. We are pleased to be able to support these small scale farming activity.

We will be widening the range of farms alongside revisiting these three farms to give an experience of seasonal change.
We aim to approach and engage wider community especially people who might not normally visit farms. We’d welcome support in identifying such groups and we will be working in partnership with the primary school on this challenge.


We were really pleased to have over 50 people come to the premier of the Landworkers’ Alliance film In Our Hands It was good to use the Ockment Centre as the venue it allowed to serve a local and seasonal supper and create a positive social atmosphere. We have two more films in the new year one of which will incorporate a seed swap.


We have started our food workshops with two on Sourdough bread making and another on vegetable fermentation techniques

These were followed by an Community Apple pressing day in Red Lion Yard. This was done in partly in collaboration with Okehampton Primary School. We are looking forward to starting a monthly family workshop and a series of seasonal creative sessions.

In the news

Our education and community work has featured in various publications.

Recently we have been in …

We have established our working practise, developed organisational infrastructure and made good links with local venues. We look forward to extending the reach and breadth of our provision.

A huge thanks to Okehampton United Charities for supporting this work.

Download the Autumn program here

Harvest Farm Shop – reworked

We have been really pleased with how the Harvest Farm Shop has been re imagined and reworked. It could not have happened without the support of so many of our friends and customers. A huge thanks to them. We have not finished … there will be more information and education displays and an ever changing seasonal display of all that is local and organic. However this post is to give a little sense of the journey so far up to our Launch Event on Friday. Thanks for coming with us.

Why fund Harvest Workers’ Co-op?

Why fund Harvest Workers’ Co-op?

We are doing a new reason each day for the remainder of our campaign. This post will be updated each day so stay tuned for more! So far we have:

  1. So that our community can access affordable food – that is food that is produced sustainabilty so it is good to eat and good for the earth. This means that it will not have the inflated prices of “organic” food in the supermarket. We price check our produce so that it is an accessible price for everyone in the community.
  2. affordable food

  3. To reconnect people with the land and where their food comes from! We’ll run farm-based activities for children and adults; because when kids get to dig a few spuds out of the ground, they are in total awe at the wonder and never will forget where potatoes come from! is the best way to learn…
  4. We will provide jobs for people in our community. Our seven members all live locally in Devon, and all will be employed by the co-op. We hope in the future to be employing more people in the area who want to be part of the Okehampton food revolution!
  5. We will provide a selling platform for smallscale, local growers like Down Farm Winkleigh, and Hilltown Organics
  6. Where else can you buy a salad, loose or bagged, with over 50 different varieties of leaf, herbs & flowers?
  7. We’ll be making seasonal smoothies with Okehampton Priory school today (Friday 23/6) in Red Lion Yard, Okehampton, in partnership with our friends at Love Local Food! What fun! Let’s get future generations pondering the origins and seasonality of our food, not just for today, but at every educational event we run as the Harvest Workers’ Co-op.
  8. Wild green smoothies

  9. So that our community can access affordable food – that is food that is produced sustainably so it is good to eat and good for the earth. This means that it will not have the inflated prices of “organic” food in the supermarket. We price check our produce so that it is an accessible price for everyone in the community.

Crowdfunding – the video

Our Crowdfunding campaign launch was on Monday 29th May! We have been busy shooting the film. Red Lion Yard was full of scripts and props and action. It was really good to work as a team and we can not wait to see what people think.

Here is a little out take of Kevin and Jo clearing up at the end of the day. We would love the whole process to be just a little easier and that is just part of what our crowdfunding is about.

Watch our full video on our crowdfunding page

Please help us transform the Harvest Farm Shop and create a whole program of education projects

endoftheday from Kevin on Vimeo.

Harvest’s visit to Unicorn

The Unicorn Grocery is an amazing place

It is based in Manchester and is a worker’s co-operative.

Unicorn Grocery is a co-operative grocery store located in Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, England. As a workers co-op, it is controlled democratically by its member/owners, who run the business with a flat management structure and with an equal rate of pay. Ethics form the foundations of the business, and Unicorn’s Principles of Purpose are the framework within which the business operates.

Jo and Sara from Harvest Workers’ Co-op went up to visit. The folk at Unicorn were very generous with their time and energy and have give us a lot of food for thought. The picture gallery gives an idea as to what Unicorn is like. Visit Unicorn Grocery for more information.

About our word tree

We asked our customers for three words to describe what they thought of Harvest Organic Farm Shop. This generated so many good conversations. We then took the words and, using the excellent web tool Tagul,  created a word cloud.

We like looking at the words and spotting connections and sentences that jump out.

If you have any favourite words that could be added do email us and tell us.

Very exciting!

We are very excited as the Harvest Worker’s Co-operative is now a proper registered co-operative! We are all looking forward to seeing the Harvest Farmshop continue to grow and education projects start reaching out into the community.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far.