Seasonal Tales

Seasonal Tales

Storytelling based on the seasons is an important part of what we do. Sometimes our stories are about the growers and the produce that we source for our shop, sometimes the stories are drawn from folklore and tradition. We hope you enjoy this growing collection!

Story: Tell it to the Bees!

Telling the bees is an old tradition. If bees are not kept up to date with all the family news then bad things will happen. Maybe bees will leave the hive or stop making honey. The images below show people telling the bees the news. What would you tell them?

Kevin’s story has been borrowed from Margaret Greaves’ lovely book Magic from the Ground and merged with other traditional stories.

Story: The First Strawberry

Once right back when the world was new and green and full of bird song there were two people. Most of the time they got on but sometimes they argued. Not about really big things but mostly about little things like whose turn it was to pick the leaves for salad, whose turn it was to gather firewood and WHO HAD LET THE FIRE GO OUT?

One day they got really cross. One day they really shouted. One day one stomped off and the other stared sadly at the ground. Not so good. Not so good at all.

But what happened? Well find out by watching the video!

Story: Franklin’s Nights

A strange tale from Devon with late frost, apple blossom and a greedy orchard owner.

Storytime : Jamie and the Giant Potato

Leprechaun : the fairy shoe maker and hoarder of golden coins

Lazy : prefers thinking about doing gardening rather than doing it

In the story the villagers have to cook up the giant potato. How many different ways can you think of to cook potatoes? Let us know your ideas by sending us an email

Storytime : The Green Children