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Education: Learning, Sharing, Exploring The Harvest Worker's Co-op is not only about a shop packed with Good Mood Food. We ...
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WE ARE OPEN! More information here The Harvest Farm Shop Harvest Farm Shop in Okehampton sells organic fruit and veg ...
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Fungi, the next agricultural revolution

Organic farming needs no artificial inputs of fertilisers and sprays to grow all the food we need. These harmful chemicals ...
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Harvest Haymaking

A family friendly activity with no tractors and machinery! We will be turning hay, stooking and making hay bales by ...
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Transforming the EcoHub Garden

We love the EcoHub! It is a great space wooden framed inside and outside with a growing area and a ...
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Growing the Seasons – a community photography project

Growing the Seasons GROWING THE SEASONS IN OKEHAMPTON is a community photography project open to everyone interested in celebrating a ...
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Looking to the Future

Sometimes we get asked to contribute to research projects on a whole variety of subjects. Usually they consist of rather ...
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July News from Harvest Workers’ Co-op Harvest News

Our latest newsletter July News from Harvest Workers' Co-op went out to subscribers today: Check it out or read a ...
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