Family Workshop Spring Seeds

Welcome to the Family Workshop

Thank you for calling by our first online family workshop. We’re normally in Okehampton’s wonderful EcoHub every month but sadly this month we couldn’t so we’ve gone on the internet! There are more resources to come but we thought we’d better make a start!

Making Wild Garlic Pesto

Always pick wild garlic with an adult. Make sure that the leaves are wild garlic. They are long and pointed with smooth edges and, the best check, they smell of garlic. Check that it is a safe area to pick the leaves. Watch out for nettles! Avoid areas where there is dog walking. Check out the Woodland Trust’s helpful page here

Enjoy in pasta, on soups and stews, in your sandwiches and many other ways. Delicious.

Making a Spring Branch


Planting in the Garden

Moon planting

Growing up

Fruit Bushes

Storytime : The Green Children

We hope you have enjoyed the family workshop. There are some more resources to come! Look out for the next workshop.

Thank you to Learn Devon for funding the Family Workshops and Growing Plot Project


Thank you to Okehampton United Charities for funding our education and community program of activity