These some of the organisations that inspire us …

Landworker’s Alliance

We are members of the The Landworkers Alliance an organisation of ecological, community and family farmers that works to overcome the obstacles facing farmers and land-based workers by campaigning for policies to support the infrastructure and markets central to our livelihoods, building alliances and encouraging solidarity.

LWA also raises awareness of the role that ecological, community and family farmers play in providing food security, environmental stewardship, rural livelihoods, strong communities, animal welfare and high-quality affordable food.

LWA is also a skill-sharing and networking organisations through which small scale producers can share experiences and ideas and build many helpful and joyful connections and neworks of support, check out their events.

Consider becoming a member of the organisation if you work on the land; and if you want to get more involved ask about possible help you could offer, there is a very small number of people doing all the organising….

Stop GM andGM Freeze

Stop GM and GM Freeze are organisations campaigning against the introduction of GM in the UK and with loads of information and links to further resources.

We believe that GM crops are damaging to our health, wildlife and the environment. They are a product that the agrochemical corporations that produced them have identified as a long-term money maker and a potential area for profitable monopolies. GM technology goes hand in hand with enviromentally destructive farming producing nutrient deficient foods. They are also used to stop farmers from saving their own seed and taking away farmers’ traditional and cultural rights.

Open Pollinated Seeds

Open Pollinated Seeds is an initiative to spread awareness about the importance of the natural ways of propagation and regeneration in the plant kingdom. An important feature of it is to high-light the fact that availability of Open Pollinated seeds for food production in Europe has drastically been reduced during the last 30 years. We encourage you to be informed about this key issue which is at the heart of our food culture. The pages on this site are built to give you information and insight, and to connect you with resources you might need to make informed choices regarding your food culture.

Soil Association

Soil Association is an organisation campaigning for organic farming and one of the official certification bodies for organic products. hey also run many public awareness campaigning on the dangers of chemical farming and promoting the benfits of organic production.

Unicorn Grocery

Unicorn Grocery offers a huge range of affordable, wholesome food with a focus on organic, fair-trade and local sourcing. Ethical principles remain at the core of the business and influence not only what is sold but also how business is done. As a workers co-operative the shop is owned and managed by the people who work in it, and they have created a place they want to shop in themselves.