Harvest Workers’ Co-op is a not-for-profit social enterprise that:

  • Provides access to affordable local organic and sustainable food
  • Supports local producers using organic and ecological methods of farming
  • Enables understanding of the social, environmental and health issues of food through educational activities
  • Contributes to building food sovereignty and community strength

To fulfill these aims we run:

  • An organic farm shop in Okehampton selling local organic produce and other sustain-able and ethically traded goods
  • Educational activities exploring how the way we produce food affects our health, environment and local economy

The Story so far

Harvest Workers’ Co-op started its life as an idea when Martin and Sara, two local organic growers, decided to take on a small farm shop that was closing down in Okehampton. They saw this as an opportunity to increase access to organic food in the local area and to raise awareness about the key role that farming plays in our health, the environment and the local economy.

A New Chapter

After two years trading and many months of planning, Martin, Sara and five others (Liv, Henry, Sophie, Jo and Kevin) formed Harvest Workers’ Co-op, to continue running the shop as before and to use any surplus profit to run educational activities and local events on all things food and farming.