Orders and Deliveries

Harvest Farm Shop – orders, collections, deliveries during COVID-19

We are working hard to try and get good healthy produce to the local community. We are a small independent workers co-operative. We do not have a big team, delivery trucks and a packing warehouse! We will do our very best to help!

Our shop is open as normal from 9-5 for customers who are able to come and get their own shopping. If you can’t then we are doing orders and deliveries .. read on

Our shop is only small so although we can make up boxes for you to collect or to be delivered we can only manage to do about 10 boxes a day. Therefore we ask that you come and do your own shopping if feasible so that the boxes we pack are reserved for vulnerable people who are self isolating or others self isolating who have the virus. We are happy for people to collect boxes for you if you are in those categories.

What you need to know

  • Our produce is all organic
  • Fresh produce is seasonal and as local as we can get it. Some items are imported eg tomatoes from Spain when we can’t source locally
  • The current challenges mean that we do not always have everything we would like to
  • We cannot deliver as widely as we would like and we will prioritise isolated and vulnerable people. We can prepare orders for collection from the shop. The Okehampton COVID-19 Support Group may be able to help with deliveries contact them on 07707 565612. Find them on facebook here and read about these wonderful people here
  • Do get in touch if you would like to find out more hello@harvestworkerscoop.org.uk or phone 01837318050


Please email your order and queries if you can. We can talk about what we have on the phone however the shop can get very busy and there is not always time to go into lots of detail. We would like at least 2 days notice of an order. We pack orders on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.


We can do limited deliveries in the Okehampton area. Let us know where you are and we will see if we can help. We are being helped by the fantastic Okehampton COVID-19 Support Group who may be able to pick up orders from the shop and deliver. You would need to arrange this with the volunteers. Phone them on 07707 565612 If you are a vulnerable person who needs to self isolate or know someone who is please let us know and we will do our very best to help.



When we have your order we will pack it and send you an email with a payment link in it. Sometimes the email can end up in your junk folder so do check there. We use izettle who process all the payments. We do not see or store your card details. The process is very simple just enter your name, card details and postcode into the payment page and click pay. You will get a receipt. We will follow up if you don’t seem to have made a payment to check that everything is ok. Please note it does make it easier for payment before delivery!

In Store

If you are collecting you can pay by card in the shop however it will take some time to go through the till. Payment online and in advance is far quicker.

By cash

We would very much prefer card payment however can take cash if necessary. Please have the money in an envelope. If we are delivering we will not be able to give change. If your delivery is through the Okehampton COVID-19 Support Group then payment MUST be made in advance.

Produce to order

We can do a £10 box of seasonal vegetables or you can order specific items. The vegetable box always contains potatoes, carrots and onions and then a mixture of other seasonal vegetables. We can add imported produce. We do not do a large scale box scheme though.

Produce List

Visit the Produce in the Shop Page

Please note that the current challenges mean that we do not always have everything we would like to and stock can quickly sell out. We will try and keep this list updated but our apologies if an item is not on the shelf or in the delivery box. Prices are changing quite quickly.