Transforming the EcoHub Garden

We love the EcoHub! It is a great space wooden framed inside and outside with a growing area and a row of apple trees. It has been great over the last few months to have been engaged by Growing Our Futures, who set up and look after the building, to be the gardeners of the growing spaces! Jo and Kevin from Harvest, along with the families who come to our monthly family workshops, have been bringing the beds back to life.

Follow the journey below!

The existing beds had become very overgrown and were based in the foundations of an old building. We created narrower beds from timber in order to allow easier access. We used a card layer covered with a thick layer of compost. Most unwanted plants were stopped by this however couch grass is still an issue!!

It has been great working with local families on this.

At the back you can see an earth kitchen, potato patch and courgettes and squash planted into old tyres. We have covered the ground underneath with card and black sheet so next year we can set up new beds.

It is a great journey – do call by and see how it is going. We are usually up on Fridays between 6 and 8