Shop Opening Orders Deliveries and Collections An Update for COVID-19

We would like to thank all you our customers and friends for your continued support during this challenging time it really means a lot! We have already enjoyed so many conversations with you in the shop and really value your calmness and thoughtfulness.

Our shop is open as normal from 9-5 for customers who are able to come and get their own shopping. If you can’t then we are doing orders and deliveries .. read on and also click here for more information

Our shop is only small so although we can make up boxes for you to collect or to be delivered we can only manage to do about 10 boxes a day. Therefore we ask that you come and do your own shopping if feasible so that the boxes we pack are reserved for vulnerable people who are self isolating or others self isolating who have the virus. We are happy for people to collect boxes for you if you are in those categories.

We are sorry if sometimes the things you want are not in stock. We work with over 30 different growers and suppliers and as you can imagine they all face their own challenges. Everyone is working so hard to make things happen.

In the Harvest Farm Shop ..

We have made a few changes in the farm shop to ensure we can stay open for as long as possible:

  • Only one customer at a time in the shop please.
  • We have changed the layout a little so that no one is standing too close to the till
  • We are asking all customers to pay via contactless where ever possible
  • We are all taking extra precautions such as more regular hand washing and taking extra steps to maintain standards of hygiene and cleanliness. We are sanitising all surfaces, including dispenser handles, regularly.
  • Please keep the front door open to avoid other customers touching the door handle
  • Please wash all the loose vegetables. We are trying to reduce handling as much as possible but washing everything when you get home would be a good idea.
  • The shopkeepers will be doing all the weighing of loose goods in order to reduce the numbers of people handling the scoops. Please ask us for help
  • Please do not visit us if you or family members are sick. We hate asking customers to stay away but this to ensure we can offer our service for as long as possible
  • If you are unable to come to the shop due to staying safe at home please let us know. We can do a limited delivery/collection options to ensure no-one goes without. We would love to hear from anyone who is able to help do some home deliveries. The Okehampton COVID-19 Support Group may be able to help with deliveries contact them on 07707 565612. Find them on facebook here and read about these wonderful people here

More information about ordering and deliveries can be found on our page here

Most importantly please look after yourself and those around you! Eat healthily and sleep well!

Harvest Workers Coop Events

We had a lot of great events planned for the forthcoming weeks. Sadly most of these will have to be postponed.

We are looking at being inventive. We are exploring if our film night might be live screened so you can watch it at home and join in with an online discussion afterwards and our family workshops activities – gardening, creative making, cooking and storytelling – will be published on line so you can join in!