Growing the Seasons

Growing the Seasons

GROWING THE SEASONS IN OKEHAMPTON is a community photography project open to everyone interested in celebrating a year of changes in the natural world and in our growing spaces. A monthly gallery of photographs, both online and in the Harvest shop, is being created from your contributions culminating in an end of year calendar featuring the best images. Get snappin’ folks!!

If you interested please drop us an email or pop into the Harvest Farm Shop in Okehampton’s Red Lion Yard. We will send you all the information you need to take part. We would love to hear from you.

GROWING THE SEASONS is funded by Okehampton United Charities and is also supported by Guy Cracknell Graphic Design

The Galleries

Growing the Seasons .. May

Growing the Seasons .. April

Growing the Seasons .. March

Growing the Seasons .. February

Growing the Seasons .. January